By Nouk Sanchez

ISBN-10: 1846940508

ISBN-13: 9781846940507

Take Me to fact is the 1st publication to boldly deal with the basic challenge that each one religious seekers face at the trip to awakening; the ego. Take Me to fact is a strong six-stage navigational advisor that takes us throughout the six impressive phases of undoing ego. every one of those phases turns into an event of deepening belief, finally removal all present blocks to the notice of the countless Love that we're and feature. It bridges the yawning hole that exists among looking enlightenment and discovering it

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What about our bodies? Can we confuse our identity with the body? If we do, then we can be certain that when the body changes due to accidents, sickness, aging, or dying, our identity will be tragically crushed or at least altered to some degree. Likewise, we can become elated with a body makeover, weight loss, new hairdo, new clothes, or cure of disease, but of course that new identity doesn’t last and will therefore never bring us happiness. It is important to remember that we are not our body.

Until we are prepared to take the journey into undoing the ego’s perception, we will never know who we really are or what our true purpose in this life is. Take Me to Truth isn’t a religious book, nor does it point to any one religion as being the means to liberation. Its teachings have no affiliation with any one particular belief system. We encourage you to make up your own mind as to the truth contained in the following pages. The truth will resonate within you. It doesn’t always present itself as peace.

We have evolved to a point where we cannot afford to languish in ignorance any longer. Our ego-self simply can no longer sustain us and our planet. ”4 Undoing simply means unlearning. It is the unlearning of any conditioning, beliefs, or values that have, until now, distorted our perception and obstructed Love’s presence in our mind. It is the greatest and noblest of all journeys, leading us deeper through the stages in the development of Trust, which we will explain in detail in chapters five and six.

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