By Sigmund Freud, William C. Bullitt, Gérard Miller, Marie Tadié

ISBN-10: 2228900036

ISBN-13: 9782228900034

Pendant huit ans, les Etats-Unis ont-ils été dirigés par un malade psychological, idéaliste pitoyable, menteur instable, dévot aliéné, pire, criminel fanatique ? Telle est l'interrogation de ce portrait psychologique de ce président américain.

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For "homosexuality," they substituted "ego-dystonic homosexuality," the expression designating those whose drives plunge them into depression. As Lawrence Hartmann pointed out, it was thus very much a matter of eliminating a whole nosography so as to replace it by the description of a depressive or anxious state capable of being treated by by psychopharmacology or behavior modification therapy: "I find it preferable not to use the word homosexual, which can be harmful to people. The word depression is not a problem, nor is anxiety neurosis.

4 As a result, antidepressants are prescribed more than any other psychotropic drugs, without it being possible to say definitely that states of depression are on the increase. It is simply that today's medicine is likewise responding to the paradigm of depression. 15 Witness a number of studies that appeared in 1997 in the Bulletin de l'Académie nationale de médecine: "Now mainly prescribed by nonspecialists," writes Pierre Juillet: i8 THE DEPRESSIVE SOCIETY antidepressants seem to be applicable to mood disorders on various levels, adequately in most cases but with three cycles: on the one hand, in spite of the undeniable progress in diagnosis and therapy achieved by our nonspecialist colleagues, they are prescribed for roughly half the depressions recorded among the general population; on the other hand, we are seeing a broadened definition of depression and its medicalization.

If they were treated as ill, there was a risk of their demanding "reparation" from DSM practitioners and even of their taking them to court. " Equally concerned to preserve cultural differences, the authors of the DSM discussed the question of whether so-called deviant political, religious, or sexual forms of conduct should or should not be regarded as behavioral disorders. 1° Along with each of the different revisions, the DSM's promoters sunk themselves a little deeper into the ridiculous. Between 1973 and 1975 they even came to forget the fundamental principles of science.

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Le Président T.W. Wilson: Portrait psychologique by Sigmund Freud, William C. Bullitt, Gérard Miller, Marie Tadié

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